Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I'm going on three years in New Mexico now. It truly isn't like any place else in the US. But everyone says that about where they live.
There's a funny story that is repeated by many Burquenos (people who live in Albuquerque) about how they don't often get mail and hear from the senders that mail was returned because no customs form was attached... as if New Mexico wasn't part of the United States. It's funny but like all funny things, it has a vein of truth in it. It's different here.

You can walk down an alley and find three different religious symbols displayed on any one building. Colours are used in ways that are just tacky in other parts of the country. Small alcoves are normal and statues of Saints are commonplace. Graffiti is an art, usually called murals, found everywhere. Things look run down, but that's because they are. In some ways Albuquerque is modern, in other ways it really is the land that time forgot, as long as time began suffering from dementia in 1959.
A stroll in New Old Albuquerque (the Downtown or Nob Hill areas) is always spectacular. There are so many things to see, so many surprises around every corner or tucked down an alleyway.

Here are some of my favorite photos from several New Old Albuquerque strolls (stay tuned for a post on Old Old Albuquerque).

This is a building. You wouldn't know it. But it's also the REAR of the building... in an alley...

Jesus is an alien? This is New Mexico after all....

Part of a mural in downtown ABQ

New Mexico turquoise and the rust of time. Typical NM colours.

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