Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stop Israel - Contact your Representative and Senators!

Israel is murdering thousands of people, including children.
They must be stopped.
The US sends money to Israel and plays a large diplomatic support role.
They must be stopped.

Here's how you can contact your Representative and Senators to let them know that they need to stop supporting Israel.

1.) Find your congressperson here:
OR to find your Representative by zip code, click here:

2.) Locate their email or postal address or even a "contact me" form on their website.

3.) Write a letter.
This part is difficult.
Here's what I've written. Feel free to copy/paste and make any changes or additions you feel are necessary.

Hello __________,
I want to express my dissatisfaction with your vote approving the actions currently being taken by Israel in Palestine. I do not support Israel's genocide of the Palestinian people and I want this reflected in how you vote. I know countless others in your district who feel the same.
I understand the historical support the US has provided Israel both financially and diplomatically, I understand how difficult it is to break from history. But there is another aspect of history which I think you and your fellow congresspeople are neglecting - THE HOLOCAUST. The US was on the wrong side of history for so long then. History is repeating, but this time we have a chance to be on the right side.
Israel has had an ILLEGAL blockade on Gaza for 8 years, essentially limiting any movement of Palestinians in Gaza (socially, economically, and even physically). Israel also has been increasing ILLEGAL settlements in the West Bank. Unacceptable behavior which has been accepted by the US, even if not by US citizens.
Yes, Israel has a right to exist. SO TOO DO PALESTINIANS. Instead, Palestinians are being wiped out because the US remains silent in the face of another Holocaust.
Israel's current bombardment of Gaza MUST STOP. You must do your part to urge the US government to end financial and diplomatic aid/support to Israel.
Do your job and represent me.
Thank you.

4.) Repeat steps until your voice is heard!You can do this everyday!

Want to contact the White House too? GREAT! You can email or call!
Here's how:

Together we can #SavePalestine!

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